Mobile Air Compressors in Singapore

Compressed air is a widely used type of energy in multiple industries, from construction to manufacturing in Singapore. Whether it is to power pneumatic tools or drive machinery, compressed air is essential in a variety of applications. 

To provide access to this resource, air compressors fulfil the critical function of compressing air and storing it in tanks or containers. From there, the stored energy of the compressed gas can be quickly and efficiently harnessed to power tools, machines and production equipment. 

Air compressors are essential as power sources at civil engineering and construction sites. For convenience, mobile versions are available so compressed air can be accessed in remote locations. 

Established in 1981, Denyo has positioned itself at the forefront of the welding machine, generator and air compressor business in the Asia Pacific. With a presence in over 130 countries – including Singapore –, industries and organisations across the globe are utilising our range of mobile air compressors and other equipment. 

Features of Denyo’s Range of Air Compressors

Some of the key features you can expect from our range of mobile air compressors include:

  • Portability: Light and compact design for ease of transport, mobile air compressors can fulfil your demands for compressed air, wherever you go.
  • Power: With powerful motors and efficient twin screw airends design, Denyo’s air compressors can generate a consistent and steady stream of air to get the job done.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of tasks and applications, including powering air tools, and providing air for pneumatic systems.
  • Durability: Built to withstand tough job site conditions, Denyo’s mobile air compressors are designed to last for years and deliver reliable performance, job after job.
  • Safety: Safety should always be a top priority when using any type of equipment. Choose a model like Denyo’s that come with safety features like engine pulley protector, battery protection cover.

In addition, what makes Denyo’s air compressors unique is our engine speed control system, developed in-house. The incorporation of a highly efficient screw increases fuel savings and ensures that performance is consistently high across all rated conditions. 

Why Choose Denyo?

Denyo began manufacturing compressors in 1973 and has become a leading producer of screw-type compressors, marketing more than 30 models with capacities ranging from 1.56m3/min. to 52.4m3/min. The Denyo line-up of compressors includes soundproof engine-driven and motor-driven models and an increasing number of units featuring unique options, including a new tooth-shaped rotor that enhances performance.

For more information, our expert team is available to answer any enquiries you may have about how our air compressors can assist your operations in Singapore. Read our FAQs or contact us to learn how you can get the most out of our range of quality solutions – from mobile generators to engine-driven welders.