Soft Starter System for Power Generator

A generator soft starter system is an important component of a larger piece of machinery. It is designed to reduce mechanical stress on the generator by reducing the amount of electrical current that it uses when first activated. In doing so, the generator and other connected systems in the machinery are kept safe from electrical surges or power overloads and can extend the longevity of these components. These soft starter control systems provide greater accuracy in starting performance as well as improved safety conditions due to their slow startup ramp function. Additionally, having this system in place can reduce electricity costs and make maintenance activities easier down the line.

What is SmartSOFT?

Denyo SmartSOFT (Soft Starter) System enables a smaller generator capacity to kick start a big motor load with a highly integrated system and offers uncompromising performance to meet your heavy-duty application needs. This unprecedented integration across two devices aims to provide a higher degree of versatility with the same reliability of our Denyo Generator.

How does it work?

Traditionally, starting a motor load with a direct start method requires at least three times the motor capacity when selecting the proper size generator. If an undersized generator is used, the high inrush profile contributed by the motor may prevent the generator from starting successfully.

A big capacity generator consumes more diesel for the same running load than a smaller generator. Continuous running of big generators supporting smaller loads (low loading) over a long period can cause unburnt carbon, resulting in sparks to be seen at the exhaust outlet.

To solve the aforementioned problems, the Denyo SmartSOFT system intuitively chooses almost an equivalent size with consideration for the average load factor. For example, a 37kW motor does not require a 125kVA generator, and only a 50kVA Denyo SmartSOFT is needed for the generator to start and work perfectly.

By selecting a matching size generator, low loading issues can now be fixed. On top of that, you will get to enjoy huge fuel savings – saving you cost and space in the long run.

What are the benefits?

Leading Performance


Preventive Measurement




Smart Power Integration


Choose Denyo for an Efficient Generator Soft Starter System

The Denyo SmartSOFT system is the premier solution for businesses serious about safeguarding their critical electric motors from damage due to sudden power influxes. Developed using cutting-edge solid-state technology, our system provides effective protection by limiting the large current inrush at startup. Not only does our product offer superior protection, but it also facilitates a gentler ramp up to full speed. As a leading brand for portable diesel-powered generators, we understand that protecting your motors is essential, which is why our product is designed solely with this purpose in mind. With years of innovation and dedicated research, you can trust our generator soft starter system to improve the experienced efficiency while providing lasting protection for your valuable motors. Contact our team today for more information.