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Denyo began manufacturing compressors in 1973, and since that time has become a leading producer of screw-type compressors, marketing more than 30 models with capacities ranging from 1.56m3/min. to 52.4m3/min.

The Denyo line-up of compressors includes both soundproof engine-driven and motor-driven models, and an increasing number of units featuring special options, including a new tooth-shaped rotor which enhances performance.

Denyo Compressor is Reliable and Durable

Highly Reliable and Durable

The advanced design of the non-friction, twin screw airends enables the DIS series compressors to generate consistently steady streams of air. The special bearings incorporated into the airends are carefully selected for use with twin screws and are highly reliable and durable.

High Performance Compressor

High Efficiency and Low Fuel Consumption

The engine speed control system, developed by Denyo, incorporates a highly efficient screw that saves fuel and improve performance at all rated conditions and guarantees high over all operation efficiency from no-load to full load conditions. Fuel consumption has also been significant improve at light and medium load level.