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About Us

About Us

About Us

Denyo is the world's leading brand for portable diesel-powered generators, with active usage by various industries and business applications in over 130 countries worldwide. As Denyo United Machinery, we are the Regional Centre for Asia Pacific, providing a central platform to fulfil increasing demands for Denyo generators and related equipment across the region, and at the same time bridging our partners and dealers with new growth opportunities.

Established since 1981, we have over the decades advanced Denyo's interests and footprint in Asia Pacific through a winning combination of in-depth expertise in our field, a superior range of equipment that can rise up to any challenging situation, and a comprehensive parts inventory, fully supported by a highly skilled technical/service team.

A one-stop hub for all things Denyo, we provide an end-to-end user experience, starting at pre-sales and covering the full spectrum of processes - including consultation, project management, commissioning, service and maintenance, knowledge transfer and training, as well as parts replacement - to deliver a total solution that gives you more operational uptime, more cost savings, and more revenue returns.

Top government ministries, developers, construction companies and prominent businesses trust Denyo to deliver when it matters.

We envision the world of Denyo to be a winning ecosystem where everyone - customers, partners, dealers, and supporting vendors alike - comes together to maximise the benefits of the superior Denyo product, achieving greater savings, revenue growth and business possibilities.


A leader in portable power generation, Denyo believes in constant growth and innovation - equally in business, technology and the environment - to create more opportunities and possibilities for all, and a sustainable, better tomorrow for generations to come.

Born with a R&D soul, Denyo has since inception relentlessly pursued technological and production advancements to develop and bring to market better products that deliver more power, more efficiency and more cost savings. Our patented alternator technology remains an unique Denyo superiority that sets us apart from the competition. Denyo continues to push the boundaries of technology to deliver more effective power solutions for the future.

We only have one home - Earth - and it is up to us to protect it, conserve it and fight against climate change. Our products reflect and manifest our environmental philosophies and beliefs; eco-friendly designs and features help reduce pollution and conserve energy, as well as minimise disturbance and disruption to the areas that our products are deployed in. We adhere strictly to international and localised environmental regulations drawn up by relevant international bodies and government agencies, as well as related expectations from the broader society.

We also believe that success can only be achieve through cooperation and teamwork, and take it upon ourselves the responsibility of nurturing a collaborative ecosystem in which Denyo partners - customers, dealers, suppliers and end-users alike - network, exchange and share ideas, work in unison to explore new markets, embark on exciting projects and create more amazing experiences that harvest bigger rewards for everyone.