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Denyo is a leading producer of engine-driven generators and maintains a commanding presence in the market. These mobile units are extremely useful in providing electricity in areas where conventional power supply infrastructure is unavailable.

More than 500 models of engine-driven generators are available, ranging from 0.9kVA units to units as large as 1,100kVA. Generators are also available in trailer mobile versions, primary and emergency use types.

Backed by cutting-edge technology and innovation, Denyo’s generators are durable, energy efficient and soundproof.

High Performance Denyo Generators

Newly Developed, High Performance

The innovative excitation system* fitted on our DCA series, in conjunction with the Automatic Votage Regulator (AVR) and advanced brushless generator, provides fast voltage regulation in responses to load variations, enabling use soon after start up.

*U.S. Patent No. 4268788

Quiet Operation with Denyo Generators

Quiet Operation

In urban areas and at work sites, there is an ever increasing demand for reduced noise pollution. In response to these concerns, Denyo has pioneered a soundproof and super soundproof range of generators. The DCA Series generators are extremely quiet even when operating at full load.

Automatic Air Extraction

Automatic Air Extraction

Air trapped in the fuel system can be troublesome. Automatic air extraction features has become a standard for all the generator. Simply crank the engine to get your generator started.

Easy Maintenance with Denyo Generators

Easy Maintenance

Daily maintenance and inspection can be carried out on one side of the machine. Radiator tank can be easily cleaned by removing the back cover.

Denyo Generator is Environmental Friendly

Environmental Friendly

The Engines used in these generators meet the Californian atmospheric pollution regulation, which is one of the world most stringent anti-pollution standards. This is achieved by these engine using PCV (Plug Control Valve) system. Therefore, these engines do not discharge blow by gas to the outside which keep the interior of the machine cleaner and exhaust emission are minimised.