Denyo Compressor DU-190

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Unlimited Supply of Clean Air at Constant Pressure for Daily Pneumatic Usage.

Key Applications

DU190 compressor can do trimming
DU190 compressor can do repair
DU190 compressor can do breaking
DU190 compressor can do demolition

DU-190 Diesel Engine-driven Compressor

We are always connecting with end-users to understand their challenges and problems for compressed air. Such insights contributed to our design of a Utility Solution that is versatile, robust and efficient – all in a light and compact package – the DU-190 Compressor.

DU190 is weather proof DU190 is enviromental friendly DU190 is efficient maintenance DU190 is safety protection DU190 is campact and lightweight DU190 is great versatility

Containment Protection

Instead of requiring an additional receiver tray, the DU-190 compressor is constructed with a built-in containment tray – designed to receive fuel, oil and coolant water when they are discharged accidentally. A unique ventilation hole will guide trapped liquid or sediments outside the spill containment for drainage.

DU190 Spill Containment Protection

Small Footprint with High Versatility

For the ease of transportability, the DU-190 compressor is designed with a footprint at least 10% more compact than any comparable model. A trailer can also be mounted below the DU-190 for users who requires high movability. The canopy is robustly constructed with solid steel that enable stackability up to 3 levels.

DU190 has Small footprint with High Vesatility
More Information
Compressor Type Single Stage, Oil Injected Screw Compressor
Compressor Rated Pressure Mpa(psi) Bar 7, Psi 100
Compressor Air Delivery M3/min(cfm) m³/ min = 4.87, Cfm = 172
Engine Model Kubota V1505T
Engine No. of cylinders - Bore x Stroke mm 4
Engine Fuel Tank Capacity L 62
Engine Coolant Capacity L 8.5
Length *2 mm 1870
Width *2 mm 950
Height *2 mm 1070
Dry Weight KG 680
Sound Level *4 7mdB(A) 70