Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) Panel for Generators

An Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) Panel for a generator is an electrical control system that monitors the power coming from the mains supply. When it senses an interruption in the power supply, it will automatically switch over to the generator as a backup to keep power running without any downtime or disruption. The AMF panel operates according to a programmable timer, which can be adjusted according to the expected needs of the intended users. It also features safety features such as low-fuel shutoff, and other protective measures that prevent dangers associated with generators such as carbon monoxide poisoning. Ultimately, with an AMF panel for generators, users enjoy peace of mind knowing that their equipment will stay powered even during periods of unstable power sources.

What is SmartAMF?

Denyo SmartAMF (Automatic Mains Failure) System ensures business continuity and allows intelligent controls on the standby generator. Unlike conventional AMF panels, the SmartAMF control system is integrated into our generator canopy for optimal space and cost efficiency.

How does it work?

graphic showing how conventional AMF controls are integrated into an external ATS panel

Conventionally, AMF controls are integrated into an external ATS panel, resulting in an oversized panel. Having a combined AMF-ATS large panel also requires it to be placed very near to the generator for offsetting voltage drop issues.

graphic showing how a big multicore interfaced cable has to be connected in between the generator and the panel

Further to this, a big multicore interfaced cable has to be connected in between the generator and the AMF panel so that the commands and signals can be exchanged – resulting in a costly and inconvenient system for the end-users.

graphic showing Denyo SmartAMF controller within the generator canopy

To solve the mentioned problems, the Denyo SmartAMF controller is strategically placed within the generator canopy. All necessary signals from the Denyo generator and Smart Controller systems are seamlessly integrated and in-sync, so you can track the generator’s performance with ease.

graphic showing single cable connection

Multicore interfaced cable is no longer required in our application. For easy sensing and cable termination, we are now adopting our proven one or three-phase sensing concept to detect the mains failure.

What are the benefits?

icon for Continuity of Power Supply

Continuity of Power Supply

icon for Digital Based Control System

Digital Based Control System

icon for Sophisticated Machine Protections

Sophisticated Machine Protections

icon for Compact and Cost Effective

Compact and Cost Effective

Case Study -
Alpha IVF Centre, Singapore

The Challenge

photo showing Alpha IVF Centre's equipment that depends on stable power solution

A large part of Alpha IVF Centre’s success lies in confidence. The inability to cope with the power cut could cause repercussions as the client’s family planning will be jeopardized. Hence, they called for Denyo Singapore to provide power solution that can support their equipment loads upon mains failure – in the shortest delivery time frame.

The Denyo Solution

photo showing inclusion of SmartAMF Alpha controller for the generator

Both parties were ascertained engineering modifications on the generator with the inclusion of SmartAMF can be hugely beneficial. The existing indicator panel is to be substituted with a smart controller to deliver alarm indication and crucial protections for the generator. Furthermore, the SmartAMF will be strategically installed into the generator body to ensure instant emergency power upon outage – without taking up additional space.

The Result

With all the necessary modifications on the Denyo generator, the delivery time frame proved to be a challenge – yet our professional engineers deliver the result with no compromises. The result is clear; a pleased customer that is deeply impressed by Denyo’s product and our value-added services.

Choose Denyo for an Effective AMF Panel for Generators

Are you looking for a reliable solution to ensure your business remains powered during the times of unexpected power outages? Look no further than Denyo SmartAMF System. With our high-quality AMF control system, you can rest assured that your company will keep functioning without interruption in case of naturally occurring or man-made disasters. Our products are built around global industry standards and certifications, providing businesses with top-tier reliability and assurance. Contact us today and make sure your business is ready for anything with the dependability and longevity of an efficient AMF panel for generators.

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