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    Leeden National Oxygen Ltd, Singapore

    Leeden National Oxygen Ltd, Singapore

    About Leeden National Oxygen

    Established in 1964, Leeden National Oxygen Ltd (Leeden NOX) has more than 55 years of operating experience and is one of the most prominent welding, safety and gas solutions provider in Southeast Asia. Leeden NOX is the region’s specialist across its three main business segments by providing superior products and the highest quality services to its customers. Leeden NOX places strong emphasis on ensuring workplace safety in all their facilities.

    The Challenge

    As we know, manufacturing is a business sector that relies on power – reliable and constant power. Therefore, Leeden NOX had installed a standby power system with conventional automatic mains failure in their premises, to safeguard their manufacturing plants against the unthinkable. [Read – Denyo Blog: Do you need an Automatic Mains Failure]

    Denyo Automatic Mains Failure

    Years later, the group grew extensively, and plans of upgrading the current standby power system were put in place to support the increasing demands over the years. The problem was that Leeden NOX wished to retain parts of its existing standby power system – which will call for a customised solution that is compatible with its current power setup.

    The Denyo Solution

    Leeden NOX understood that choosing a responsible power solution provider was crucial and that they should not settle for less. Denyo was called in for discussion to understand their project requirements. With similar track records, Denyo immediately understood and offered solutions to their needs.

    In this particular situation, there was no one-size-fits-all solution, and conventional AMF just did not fit the bill. Therefore, Denyo recommended its SmartAMF system, that perfectly complements Leeden NOX’s ideal standby power setup – with customisable configurations to meet their application needs and integrated intelligent controls for their standby power generator. [Read - Denyo Blog: What is the Difference between SmartAMF and Conventional AMF?]

    After subsequent evaluations on their current power setup, Denyo’s engineer developed a unique set of PLC algorithm customised and programmed into the SmartAMF system. Lastly, integrating the system into the supplied Denyo DCA-400ESK generator – offering optimal space efficiency while meeting all expectations.

    Denyo Generator DCA-400ESKDenyo Generator DCA-400ESK


    Following the power system philosophy established by Denyo, simulations to mimic conditions of the installation site were conducted. During the FAT (Factory Acceptance Tests), several worst-case scenarios were recreated with the presence of the client and undoubtedly, the results have proved to be positive – justifying the value of Denyo’s generator and SmartAMF system.

    Few months have passed since the installation and system setup of the Denyo DCA-400ESK with SmartAMF. With all system’s in place, Leeden NOX is satisfied with the reliable solutions and outstanding services from the Denyo team. Through the winning combination of in-depth expertise and innovative power solutions that rises to challenges – Denyo has ensured business continuity for yet another satisfied customer, Leeden National Oxygen Ltd.

    Leeden National Oxygen Ltd

    Image credit: Leeden NOX