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    IBSA Blind Football World Grand Prix 2021, Japan

    IBSA Blind Football World Grand Prix 2021, Japan

    The IBSA Blind Football World Grand Prix is a competition authorized by the International Blind Sports Federation (IBSA). This global governing body empowers blind and visually impaired people to experience life-changing opportunities and social integration through sports, thereby educating and inspiring the world.

     IBSA Blind Football World Grand Prix

     IBSA Blind Football World Grand Prix

     IBSA Blind Football World Grand Prix

    Hosted outdoor in Tennozu Park, the IBSA Blind Football World Grand Prix 2021 is co-organized by Shinagawa City and joined by the overseas team from Thailand, Spain, France, and Argentina. As the hosting country, Japan receives massive attention from audiences worldwide; therefore, the organizer and power contractors cannot risk a single failure.

    Tennozu Park, Japan

    The Challenge

    Each team has five players on the pitch at any time – four outfield players who are visually impaired and a sighted goalkeeper. To ensure that the competition is on equal terms, all outfield players wear a blackout eyeshade and receive crucial verbal instructions from the team’s goalkeeper, and coach who are strategically positioned on the halfway line or behind the goal that their team is attacking.

    Each team has five players

    Players wearing blackout eyeshade

    While mainstream football around the world is played amidst chanting and cheering, the silence in the blind version of the game is contrasting and necessary. The many aspects of blind football are designed with numerous considerations as it is purely sound-based for the visually impaired players.

    Blind football internal design

    Special ball that contains ball bearing

    For example, the playing pitch is relatively small (38m x 18m) in comparison to the regular football field (91m x 48m). Hence, the sound could travel from one end to another while surrounded by rebound panels designed to create an acoustic echo to help players identify the location of both the ball and themselves (the clicking of their fingers). The ball as well, is no ordinary football. It contains ball bearings that constantly emit a gentle rattling noise that helps players locate it within the field.

    Smaller field compare to regular field

    Throughout the game, the surroundings and spectators are to be quiet because players need to hear to gather information and react – any noise distractions will have an adverse effect on their orientation and communication. Imagining not having the sense of sight and solely relying on their hearing, therefore silence is extremely important to the players. With high expectations, Denyo’s customer – a Japanese equipment rental company was called in to provide the quietest power solutions to support this significant outdoor event.

    Fuel Leaking

    Fuel Leaking

    The Denyo Solution

    As mentioned, visually impaired players orient and perceive the ball’s location for a kick or a pass with sounds of their surroundings. Spectators must remain silent and the generators supplied have to be audibly unnoticeable – therefore, it was not surprising that conventional generators cannot meet standards befitting this event.

    Fuel Leaking

    To fulfil the stringent requirements of the game, the rental company had to deploy Denyo’s Quietest Generator, the Malie DCA-25MZ, to strategically power up necessities, such as lightings, fans and monitors during the game. Registers at only 43 decibels in sound emission, the Malie DCA-25MZ in operation is barely noticeable during the game as the silence perceived is comparable to a quiet library.

    *Measured at 50Hz high speed, no-load operation and 7 meters away from the source.

    The Result

    Denyo cares for the environment

    The IBSA Blind Football World Grand Prix 2021 concluded successfully with no downtime and received no complaints during the entire event. The Denyo Malie DCA-25MZ – the unsung hero of the whole event-has delivered a silent and comfortable experience for the talented players who performed their absolute best during the game. Denyo generator has once again exceeded expectations for achieving event success and proved to be the perfect power supply equipment – for the world stage.