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    Mall Power Outage due to Typhoon 'Odette', The Philippines

    Mall Power Outage due to Typhoon 'Odette', The Philippines

    The Challenge

    In December 2021, the Philippines was hit by Super Typhoon ‘Odette’, a catastrophic tropical cyclone that brought a widespread power outage affecting more than 3 million families. Despite efforts to restore electricity after the storm subsided, the situation proved difficult for power supply to resume at full tilt. When the power grid fails, malls are most susceptive to monetary loss due to the closure of retail businesses, banks and other critical services. Also, perishable goods stored under a specific temperature in the supermarket and F&B outlets will deteriorate due to power failure.

    That happened to a shopping mall in Cebu, as it urgently needed a temporary electrical power supply until the permanent power was restored. In response, the management team of the shopping mall turned to Hastings Motor Corporation for a reliable power supply that could sustain their load requirement to keep their operations ongoing.

    The Denyo Solution

    After accessing the situation, Hastings Motor Corporation dispatched three (3) Denyo DCA-800SPK generators as the power solution to their request. Built to function durably in drastic climatic conditions, the high-performance DCA-800SPK power generator has proven to operate in many situations where public power supply is unavailable – which, in this case, can fulfil the shopping mall’s load requirements.

    While the size of the DCA-800SPK power generator may seem extensive, it was relatively quiet compared to competitions of the same range, as noise suppression is achieved using highly effective sound insulating materials across the DCA series generators. This reduces the noise level emitted from the generators and effectively minimises noise disturbance to the surroundings.

    Denyo DCA-800SPK Generators supplying power to the mall


    The three (3) Denyo DCA-800SPK power generators ran continuously during the mall’s operating hours without any issue for days until the permanent power source was restored. Everyday shoppers did not realise that the entire mall was running on power generators. The management team was thankful for Hastings Motor Corporation’s quick response and ability to deploy appropriate Denyo generators on short notice, which helped them avoid a dire and undesirable consequence.


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