1. April 15, 2021 Denyo Admin

    Entering the Digital Age, Denyo Virtual Tour

    Entering the Digital Age, Denyo Virtual Tour

    By leveraging on Virtual Reality's technology, we want to simplify your browsing experience of our Denyo products. With the Denyo Virtual Tour, it will be a convenient way for you to interact with our range of welders and access their suitability for your projects – prior to your final purchase decision.

    Denyo Virtual Showroom - DLW-500ISW welder

    Denyo Virtual Showroom - Denyo patented alternator

    What are the Advantages?

    Be assured that everything you see in the Denyo Virtual Tour will be exact to the actual product, including the internal compartment’s view and the placements of parts. The addition of Measurement Function will allow intuitive measuring of the welder’s length, width and height. This will effectively enable you to plan out a precise placement plan onsite beforehand – thus avoiding wastage of space or unnecessary clutter that could be hazardous. (Read: Never Judge Denyo DLW-300LS by its Cover!)

    Besides that, informative videos are embedded onto each model of the welding machine to brief you through their key functionality. For example, productivity is greatly improved with the Denyo DLW-500ISW, for it is able to restart engine and resume welding from a distance away with its Smart Stick functionality.

    Therefore, you will be able to understand each of their unique benefits and applications that could be favorable to your current or future welding projects – which in turn assist you in your decision-making process before contacting us for a physical viewing. (Watch: Denyo’s Total Solution | Welding Machine)

    With the idea of real-world virtualization, we want to further enhance interactivity and communications with customers like you. If more clarifications are needed, you may contact us via the virtual platform or email us at sales@sg.denyogroup.com for a non-obligatory discussion. Thank you.