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    Denyo Value: Sanyo Denki, Philippines

    Denyo Value: Sanyo Denki, Philippines

    Denyo Value: Sanyo Denki, Philippines

    Due to an unexpected transformer failure at Sanyo Denki Philippines, the facilities responsible for manufacturing cooling systems, power systems, and servo systems products were forced into a complete power shutdown. On top of the unfortunate event, replacing the transformer will take at least three (3) weeks, which means production has to be halted for a prolonged duration – affecting exports and Sanyo Denki’s operation. It is imperative that power must be restored by any means necessary to avoid further operational losses due to delays. Read on to find out how Denyo’s core value contributed to immediate actions in resolving this incident.

    Delivering Quick and Essential Support for Customers

    With response from Hastings Motor Corporation, Denyo’s authorised dealer in the Philippines, five (5) Denyo power generators (DCA-400SPKII & DCA-800SPK2) were promptly supplied to Sanyo Denki Philippines and deployed at buildings with the requisite installation and custom configuration done on-site within twenty-four (24) hours. It is a collaborative effort between local operators to bring production back to normal and Denyo service personnel on standby to provide professional technical assistance should any issue arise – ensuring a seamless operation.

    In the end, the replacement process of the transformer took more than a month before the main power was restored to the Sanyo Denki’s building. But throughout this period, all five (5) Denyo power generators ran smoothly without failure, keeping the production lines on schedule – as if there were no issue with the main power outage. Sanyo Denki Philippines was thoroughly impressed with the Denyo generator and the efficiency in customer support during this downtime, therefore presenting Hastings Motor Corporation with a Certificate of Appreciation.

    Certification of Appreciation

    Sanyo Denki Philippines Factory

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