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    Denyo Value: Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore

    Denyo Value: Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore

    Denyo Value: Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore

    Singapore's Changi Airport is a world-renowned landmark and has been synonymous with the island nation's prosperous development and growth over the decades, garnering countless critical accolades year on year. To augment Changi Airport's position as a leading global air hub and the strategic expansion of Changi Airport's Terminal One (1) has led to the conception of "Jewel". A large part of the airport's success lies in the Singapore Government's relentless pursuit of excellence and Jewel Changi Airport is the latest initiative designed to appeal as a stopover destination for travellers – with a mixed development of gardens, attractions, retail, dining, a hotel and facilities.

    As a significant national project comes heavy scrutiny from stakeholders and attention from public eyes – there are no excuses for derailing the schedule of the development work. However, as the operation transpired, several breaker tripping incidents from generators were reported and jeopardised work progress. Read on to discover how Denyo’s values were set forth in resolving the core issue in the shortest time possible.

    Determining Issues with Innovative Solution

    Engineers from Denyo United Machinery were sent to the project site on two (2) separate occasions to assess the situation after receiving generator’s tripping incident reported by the site construction team. Denyo SmartRMS (Remote Monitoring System) was activated to monitor generators’ performance throughout the deployment period and to identify the potential root cause that might lead to the tripping issue. The investigations presumed the problem to be poor grounding or possible interference of loads used on-site, but to accurately identify the root cause, one of the generators was hauled back to Denyo’s workshop for a complete diagnostic test. With all tests passed, the Denyo engineering team concluded that the problem was indeed caused by poor grounding or unwanted interference generated by loads.


    Record readings

    With immediate action, the Denyo team developed a new robust design suited for sensitive loads used on-site, complete with a reprogramming of the generator’s controller and control circuit before sending it back to the project site in Jewel Changi Airport. With the final reprogramming and circuit enhancement in place, the site construction team reported no further tripping incidents, and the entire project was successfully put back on its original schedule with no delay.

    Product(s) used in this project


    Denyo Generator DCA-150USK


    Denyo Generator DCA-300ESK