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    Denyo Value: Base Ten International, Pakistan

    Denyo Value: Base Ten International, Pakistan

    Denyo Value: Base Ten International, Pakistan

    In the early days, Base Ten International (BTI) was initially in the business of supplying machinery and engineering products. But with the maturing of Pakistan’s economic development during the 1990s, Mr Mujeeb Malik, CEO of Base Ten International (BTI), has foreseen the rise of infrastructure developments, which will inevitably drive demands for portable power supply in the near future. Driven by a grand vision of what was to come, in 1999, BTI took a bold step of importing two (2) brand new Denyo Power Generators – when the local market was acquiring used generators cheaply from Singapore and Dubai.

    BTI, Base Ten International logo

    Indeed, initial results were poor, and things didn't go as planned. The market was unaccustomed to paying more for a brand new power generator – not when a used power generator is comparably cheaper and easily attainable. Read on how BTI turned the tables by creating business opportunities with Denyo generators and eventually becoming one of Pakistan's dominant power solutions providers.

    Providing Values that Complement Business Opportunities

    Base Ten International Office

    It wasn’t long till an acquaintance of Mr Mujeeb purchased a unit of Denyo generator for his private residence. Since then, it has become a showcase of BTI’s ability to bring high-quality, durable and, most importantly, soundproof generators into the local residential market. Word spreads and the capabilities of Denyo generators were also slowly recognised by businesses and consumers, which positively created sales in the residential and commercial sectors.

    Denyo generator deployed in residential area

    Denyo generator deployed in commercial area

    BTI also achieved another significant milestone when the telecom sector in Pakistan started thriving in 2005. Without a doubt, compared to the second-rate generator of other brands that produce loud noise and vibration during active deployment, the quiet and smooth performance of Denyo Generators was highly appealing to telecom companies – which gave BTI an opportunity to replace those with Denyo's. As a result, BTI was the sole power provider to most of Pakistan's telecom operators, which amounted to a total deployment of almost six thousand (6,000) Denyo Generators.

    BTI deploying Denyo power generator

    BTI providing power services to telecom sector

    Amid strong growth, BTI continued to acquire customers from different sectors that demand a reliable and silent power solution, such as major banks and commercial customers. Through their unwavering dedication to customer service and belief in the superior technology and quality of Denyo equipment, BTI has made Denyo a household name throughout Pakistan across various sectors and established itself as a trusted and reliable power solutions partner in the minds of both residential and commercial users. In 2018, BTI had more than thirteen thousand (13,000) Denyo power generators installed across Pakistan and continues to add to that count by being steadfast in its mission of delivering top-quality power equipment and unparalleled customer service.

    Images credit: Base Ten International