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    Denyo Value: 20th Anniversary of Hong Kong's Return to China

    Denyo Value: 20th Anniversary of Hong Kong's Return to China

    Denyo Value: 20th Anniversary of Hong Kong's Return to China

    The 20th Anniversary of Hong Kong’s Return to China was famed as one of the most significant national events in 2017. Denyo was privileged to be the brand of choice (power generator) for the event. But while it was an extreme honour, it also poses a challenge as no power failures are to be tolerated. Though there were hiccups prior to the event, the Denyo team have managed to overcome and ensure the event was carried out with ZERO POWER DISRUPTION. Read on to see how our staff displayed Denyo’s core values and put them into practice to achieve event success and credibility.

    Our Commitment to Customers

    Complications happened three days before the main event where the generator breakers started tripping during the pre-testing phase. Therefore, Denyo immediately mobilises key manpower to investigate the reasons behind the tripping issue. After troubleshooting, our personnel discovered the root cause of the problem was due to multiple installations at the event; they promptly guided the on-site operators on the preventive measures needed to be taken. We have also advised the power contractor on proper recovery procedures in an unexpected occurrence.

    Denyo technical engineer in the venue

    Denyo generator was deployed besides the event hall

    Our engineer delivering information to the local staff

    After that, the power generators went through continuous testing and thorough checks to be verified in perfect working condition during the pre-testing phase (two days before the actual event). That is not all, the remote monitoring system was utilised as an extra precaution – to monitor the operating signals of the running generators so that operators can raise early warnings to potential problems and so that necessary rectification actions are taken immediately.

    It is not just simply providing a product – the team is fully committed to delivering values to ensure effective management and the eventual success of our customers' project. All the deployed generators performed to the stringent expectations of the customer, and we met the "zero-failure" requirement head-on and aced it.