Denyo Welder DLW-300LS

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Built to withstand continuous operation with 100% rated duty cycle

IGBT chopper control

Equipped with an IGBT chopper-based control, arc characteristics are improved with excellent arc directivity and responsiveness.

Straightforward interface for quick access

The interface is designed to be not overly-complex, but instead is straightforward, providing quick access to functions.

Simultaneous usage of AC power and DC welding

Simultaneous usage of AC power and DC welding

Mounted with a brushless generator, it can produce three-phase AC output that is comparable with engine generators of the same class – allowing high-quality AC power to use in concurrent during high-precision welding.

More Information
DC Welding Power
Rated Ouput (kW) 7.90/ 8.74
Rated Current (A) 260/ 280
Rated Voltage (V) 30.4/ 31.2
Welding Current Range (A) 30- 280/ 30 - 300
Rated duty cycle (%) 100
Applicaple electrode (mm) 2.6 - 6.0
AC Power Source
Frequency (Hz) 50/ 60
Rated Output (kVA) 10.4/11.4
Rated Voltage (V) 200/220/230/240 or 380/440
No. of Phase 3-Phase, 4 wire
Power Factor 0.8(Lagging)
Diesel Engine
Engine Model Yanmar 3-3TNM68G
Engine Type 4-cycle, vertical, Water-cooled diesel engine
Rated Output (kW) 12.5/ 3000min-1, 15/ 3600min-1
Rated Speed (rpm) 3000/ 3600
Displacement (L) 0.784
Fuel ASTM No. 2 diesel fuel or equivalent
Fuel Consumption*1 (L/h) 1.96/2.34L/hr
Fuel Tank Capacity 36
Engine Battery 55B24L x 1
Dimensions/ Weight
Dimensions (L × W × H) 1410 x 560 x 770 mm
Dry Weight (kg) 379
7mdB(A*2) 63/ 65

*1 The fuel consumption herein are measured udner the condition that welding load is a rated value and the duty cycle is fixed at 50%

*2 The noise levels herein stated are the averaged value of the measured values of four directions of 7 meters length under non-loaded condition.

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