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    Repair & Maintenance of Mining Site in Surigao City, The Philippines

    Repair & Maintenance of Mining Site in Surigao City, The Philippines

    The Challenge

    A prominent construction engineering company in the Philippines was entrusted to lead the repair welding and maintenance project at the Surigao City mining site. To build credibility among potential customers, the company has to ensure project completion is delivered on time and safely despite the challenging terrain for manoeuvring and the transportation of machines.

    To achieve objectives, the company planned to escalate the job processes by sourcing more machines in the shortest possible time by working with an established equipment supplier that could present high-quality solutions. Therefore, Hastings Motor Corporation, Denyo’s authorised dealer in the Philippines, was quickly approached to supply multiple engine welders to meet their needs.

    The Denyo Solution

    After assessing the situation, Hasting Motor Corporation confidently recommended the Denyo DAW-500S engine-driven welder as the perfect tool for work of such a nature. First of all, it has top-class onsite manoeuvrability due to its compact (126 × 80 × 87 cm) and lightweight body (435 kg) compared to other conventional welders in the market. As such, transporting multiple Denyo DAW-500S can be cost-efficient as it mitigates the need for multiple trips, for a smaller transportation truck can now carry more equipment and materials per trip.

    In terms of performance, the Denyo DAW-500S is capable of a 75% duty cycle (percentage of time a machine will safely operate) and delivers stable arc performance in any situation. The equipped Thyristor-based control and high-performance permanent magnet generator will generate less heat during loaded operation to ensure on-site reliability and long-term durability.


    The maintenance project concluded successfully, and the customer was highly pleased with the welding results and dependability of Denyo’s product. Despite the dusty environment, eight (8) sets of Denyo DAW-500S engine-welder ran for six (6) hours per day and had zero disruption throughout the entire operation. Also, the Denyo DAW-500S is exceptionally useful as it doubled up as a source of AC power for powering service lights during the process – truly an engine-driven welding machine with heavy-duty performance that can rise to any challenges.

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    Denyo Welding Machine DAW-500S