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    Denyo Value: Hulu Terengganu Hydroelectric, Malaysia

    Denyo Value: Hulu Terengganu Hydroelectric, Malaysia

    Denyo Value: Hulu Terengganu Hydroelectric, Malaysia

    The Hulu Terengganu Hydroelectric project was part of Malaysia’s ongoing development efforts to provide peak load capacity to the Terengganu region to meet the rising electricity demand and effectively reduce carbon emissions with renewable energy. However, a project of such scale has captured the attention of environmental groups such as the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) over concerns of potential impact (e.g. Air Pollution) on the surrounding biological ecosystem with the five-year (2010-2015) development plan.

    Exemplary care must go into ensuring that pollution is reduced to the absolute minimum, from the main construction works to the full range of supporting equipment and activities that power the entire project operations – without compromising the progress of the project. Read on to find out how Denyo’s core values assisted in achieving success, despite all the stringent requirements.

    Custom Configurations to Deliver Values to Customers

    Due to the workers' irregular activity patterns (day and night), Denyo, the generator provider for the Hulu Terengganu Hydroelectric project, figured that it is redundant to operate at the same power output if there are differences in activities throughout the day. Therefore, the Denyo team came together and recommended integrating an auto-synchronising system – that can be custom configured with changeover capabilities. This innovative method will allow the power generators to automatically raise power output to meet the demand of increased activities onsite and subsequently drop back to fuel-saving levels with reduced emission when there is less equipment to power up.

    With such configuration, our Denyo power generators could provide adequate power depending on the usage – thereby saving operational cost and, most importantly, effectively mitigating pollution with reduced emission.

    We are proud to share that there was no single incident of power failure or malfunction from the supplied Denyo generators throughout the entire project duration (5-year). Denyo surpassed all the stringent requirements, and the contractor was pleased with Denyo’s insights and assistance in making this project a great success.

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