Conditions of Purchase Order

  1. No materials are to be delivered to us without a written order.
  2. Materials must not be in excess of quantity ordered and must be of the required quality and fully meet our specifications as attached hereto and must be to our entire satisfaction. If we shall in good faith be dissatisfied with the materials on delivery we shall be entitled to reject them. Substitution or extra charges under this order shall not be permitted except on specific authority from us.
  3. Materials are to be delivered in such way that the total freight charges ,whether based on cubic measurements or by weight, are the lowest, taking into consideration that delivery in first class conditions is of prime importance. Damage to materials caused by insufficient or inappropriate packing shall be on the account of the supplier. Packing charges are not allowed unless specifically mentioned on the order.
  4. (1)The supplier shall deliver the materials at the time specified in the order. Time shall begin to run from the date of acceptance by the supplier of the order. If owing to industrial disputes or any causes outside the supplier’s control the supplier is unable to deliver the materials within the specified time and provided that the supplier shall have given their notice in writing without delay of their intention to claim an extension of time ,we may grant the supplier such extension of time as may be reasonable.

    (2)If the materials or any portion thereof are not delivered within the time or schedule specified in the contract or any extension of such time or schedule we shall be entitled to evaluate the contract in respect of the materials undelivered as aforesaid and of any other materials already delivered under the`contract which cannot be effectively and commercially used by reason of the non-delivery of the materials undelivered as aforesaid. On such evaluation we shall be entitled:

    a. to return to the supplier at the supplier’s risk and expense any of the materials already delivered but which cannot be effectively and commercially used as aforesaid and to recover from the supplier any monies paid by us in respect of such materials.

    b. to recover from the supplier any additional expenditure reasonably incurred by us in obtaining other materials in replacement of those materials undelivered as aforesaid.

  5. The supplier shall notify us at once in writing if an order cannot be completely executed stating reasons and possible date of complete delivery. Notwithstanding clause 4(1) hereof, we reserve the right to cancel any such order wholly or partly if delivery is not possible on the date originally specified in the order.
  6. The order number and shipping marks must appear on all invoices, bills of lading, correspondence and other papers in connection with this order.
  7. Our item numbers indicated on the order must appear on invoices and packing list. Net [tare] and gross weights of each package in kilograms and pounds must be shown on all copies of invoices and packing lists. Packages are to be numbered [one and up] with contents of each package shown on packing lists. Invoices must be typewritten with full description of the materials without abbreviation and must show terms of purchase. Country of origin must be shown on all invoices and packing lists.
  8. A copy of the packing list must be included in each package delivered so that materials can be checked when received at the destination.
  9. Separate invoices are required for each shipment. Payment for materials will be made against presentation of original copy of invoice.
  10. We reserve the right to cancel this order in cases where materials are purchased for export if either an export is not granted, or due to circumstances beyond our control.
  11. The prices mentioned in this order are fixed and are not subject to any changes unless agreed upon by both parties.
  12. It is hereby agreed between the parties hereto that the failure by the supplier to perform any terms and conditions herein shall entitle us either within [ 7 ] days after delivery thereof to reject the materials and repudiate the contract; or to retain the materials subject to a right of compensation or damages for such breach of contract.
  13. This order is governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Singapore.