The Druzhba Pipeline, Russia

The Problem

The pipelines connecting Russia and surrounding countries are used for energy resources such as crude oil and natural gas, and have become an important lifeline for the countries of Eastern Europe as a whole. The Druzhba pipeline - which is the trunk line - alone extends to a total length of 4,655 km.

For equipment to be laid in such a harsh natural environment, maintenance is essential to keep the pipelines in stable operational condition. However, maintenance can only be carried out in winter, when temperatures plunge to levels that defy imagination. Because many of the pipelines are laid in wetlands, it is only during periods when the ground is frozen that construction vehicles can go in.

In this frozen land where there are no homes for hundred of kilometres, operators in charge of maintenance spend several months continuously searching for and repairing problem sites on the pipeline.

Therefore, the equipment that these operators use must absolutely not fail under any circumstance, for it is not just a matter of the job being on the line; it is a matter of life and death.

The Denyo Solution

The toughness of Denyo engine-driven welders make them the perfect tools for work of such nature, saving the maintenance operations hours - even days - of downtime in the event of a welder breakdown and needing to travel hundreds of kilometers to get a replacement.

In addition to a rugged design that keeps breakdowns to an absolute minimum, Denyo welders are built to handle condensation, so the engine almost never stops working due to freezing up, even in the most severely cold regions.

Denyo welders continue to deliver stable performance even when operating at full capacity around the clock.


Due to the extreme durability of Denyo welders, they have become indispensable to the operators carrying out pipeline maintenance.

Since 2008, Denyo has supplied approximately 3,000 machines to Russia Gazprom and Transneft pipeline projects, and continued to be called upon to deliver more for future projects.

The Denyo welder continues to beat Nature’s odds and live up to the trust of the pipeline maintenance operators.

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