Base Ten International, Pakistan

In the Beginning

Base Ten International (BTI) - founded in 1991 - was initially in the business of supplying machinery and engineering products. Foreseeing that as Pakistan’s economy grows, more infrastructure developments will take place and power supply will be very much sought after.

Ahead of his time and driven by a great vision of what is to come, BTI CEO Mr. Mujeeb Malik began to import power generators into Pakistan in 1999, taking the bold step of bringing h two (2) brand new Denyo generators, at a time when the rest of the market was trading in used generators mainly from Singapore and Dubai.

Indeed, in the beginning results were poor as the market was unaccustomed to forking out more to buy brand new generators when plentily available used ones can be acquired for cheap. 

The Turning Point

Eventually, a friend of Mr. Mujeeb bought a unit for his residence and became a showcase of BTI’s ability to bring high-quality, durable and quiet generators into the residential sector. Sales in both residential and commercial sectors soon picked up and BTI began to deploy out more and more Denyo generators.

The September 11 attack on the World Trade Center in the United States created an opportunity for BTI as the American military fighting the Taliban terrorist group in Afghanistan needed soundproof generators for their operations. Pakistan was the nearest place to source for generators and BTI quickly grabbed this chance, selling a significant number of generators in the process.

BTI achieved another milestone when the telecom sector in Pakistan started booming between 2005 and 2006. Compared to the existing generators of other brands which gave off a lot of noise and vibration during active use, the quiet and smooth performance of Denyo generators was very appealing to telecom companies, allowing BTI to quickly and successfully replaced their existing generators with those of Denyo’s.  Through variety of schemes and offers, BTI sold or rented to almost all telecom operators in Pakistan, culminating in a total deployment of almost six thousand (6,000) Denyo generators in the telecom sector alone.

The banking sector soon followed suit and contributed to BTI’s success, with Denyo generators being installed at the branches of almost all major banks in Pakistan.

In the midst of such strong growth, BTI continued to acquire more customers in both the residential market as well as the small business community on the back of its strong contacts and good service reputation.

BTI Today

Through tremendous hard work, unwavering dedication to customer service and belief in the superior technology and quality of Denyo equipment, BTI has made Denyo as a household name throughout Pakistan across various sectors, and made itself a trusted and reliable power solutions partner in the minds of both residential and commercial users

To date, BTI has more than thirteen thousand (13,000) Denyo generators installed across Pakistan, and continues to add to that count by being steadfast in its mission of delivering top quality power equipment and unparalleled customer service.

Denyo is proud to have BTI as a reliable partner, and stays committed to helping BTI maintain its leading position as the dominant power solutions provider in Pakistan.

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