28th SEA Games, Singapore

The Problem

The Southeast Asian Games (also known as the SEA Games), is a biennial multi-sport event involving participants from the eleven (11) countries of Southeast Asia. It is considered the most prestigious sports event of the region and attracts passionate nationalistic support from sports fans and citizens at every Games.

It was Singapore’s turn to host the 28th edition of the SEA Games in 2015. Being known for its ruthless efficiency and ability to stage large-scale events, the Singapore government expected no less than a perfect showing of the Games with all logistical arrangements and deployments executed flawlessly.

With national pride at stake, the Games organiser needed the best power supply equipment available in the market to support this important event.

The Denyo Solution

Denyo was called in to provide the required power generators for the event by the power contractor.

Despite the zero failure reputation of Denyo equipment, the power contractor still preferred to allocate additional redundancy to the power network and requested that Denyo deliver eight (8) more brand new generators onsite.

Recognising the importance of the situation, Denyo expedited the delivery of the new generators to meet the tight deadline required by the power contractor.

As Denyo prides itself to have constant availability of stock to respond to any last minute requests by dealers and customers, in this instance the request posed no problem for Denyo and was swiftly met.

Denyo technical personnel were also deployed for the duration of the Games to provide additional contingency support to the power contractor if needed.


A perfect blend of superior power equipment coupled with precise delivery and deployment to the user’s request, Denyo generators ably supported the event throughout its run with zero failure, winning the great satisfaction of the power contractor and the organiser.

In the end, the 28th SEA Games was a major win for Singapore and all the parties involved in making it a success. Denyo is proud to have played its part.

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