With our new floodlight technology that delivers more power and performance with increased safety while giving you more fuel and cost savings, it is easy to make light of your work.

Hybrid Floodlight

Realise the benefits of hybrid lighting technology

The Ignite Hybrid Floodlight is powered by a hybrid power supply system: a series of recharchable batteries integrated by a diesel motor. The combined system offers great advantages in terms of fuel savings, reduction of CO2 emissions and operations in the night even in built-up areas.

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Metal Halide Floodlight

Make light of your work with Metal Halide Floodlight

The market needs a lighting tower that is rugged, long lasting and safe. The Ignite Floodlight is the best solution to your needs and guarantees 4200 sqm of illuminated area. 10 units can be loaded on a standard truck. To all of this, we added the technology that allows for maximum fuel efficiency and reliability.

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