The Challenge

SG50 was a year-long celebration of Singapore's 50th anniversary of independence, the highlight of which was that of the National Day Parade on 9th August, Singapore's National Day. The scale of the parade was the largest planned to date, with extraordinary requirements and demands on standby electrical power to be readily available throughout the entire day of the celebration.

Both the parade organiser and power contractor cannot risk failure on such a day of utmost significance to the nation, and needed a reputed and reliable product to help them carry the mission.

The Denyo Solution

Denyo generators are ideally suited for such large-scale special occasions, where nothing can be left to chance, and immediate response to changing situations is required. 27 units of Denyo generators were supplied and deployed to provide the standby electrical power on the day of the parade, and during the rehearsal days leading up to the actual event day itself.

The generators were easily installed and configured, making it easy for the on-site operators to manage the equipment, and help contribute to making their work smoother and more efficient. Denyo service support personnel were also on standby notice to provide technical assistance backup should the need arose.


The National Day Parade was a rousing success and fittingly capped off a wonderous year of celebration to mark Singapore's 50th year of independence. All 27 generator units were ran throughout the event at the same time without fail, allowing the parade to proceed smoothly from start to finish without disruption nor hiccups. Both the organiser and power contractor were impressed with the capability and reliability of Denyo generators.

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