Sanyo Denki Philippines

The Challenge

Due to a transformer failure, the building at Sanyo Denki’s production site in Subic, Philippines, responsible for manufacturing their cooling, power and servo systems products, such as fans, inverter, UPS, motors and amplifiers, had a complete power shutdown.

Production has to be halted completely for 3 weeks while waiting for the transformer to be replaced. Such a scenario would have significantly affected exports and be disastrous for Sanyo Denki.

It is imperative that power must be restored immediately by any means necessary.

The Denyo Solution

In response, five (5) Denyo generators were promptly supplied to and deployed at the building, with the requisite installation and configuration done on-site all within 24 hours. The operators were able to bring very quickly bring production back to the normal level without hiccups.

To ensure seamless operations, Denyo service support personnel were on standby to provide technical assistance should the need arises.


In the end, it took more than one month to replace the transformer and restore main power back to the Sanyo Denki building. Throughout this period, Denyo generators ran without failure, keeping the production lines right on schedule.

Sanyo Denki was more than impressed with the performance that Denyo generators delivered, and presented Denyo with a certificate of appreciation.

Product(s) used in this project

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