Samal Island, The Philippines

The Problem

In early March 2016, a transport ship ran aground off the coast of the island and hit the undersea power cables from which the island draws its power from, and caused them to snap. This accident immediately plunged the entire island into a state of complete darkness.

Samal Island is the top tourist destination in Southern Mindanao because of its wonderful beaches. With this power disruption, many beach resorts that did not have standby generators had booking cancellations from tourists, severely affecting their revenue.

A challenge to restore power to the island was the fact that Samal is two (2) kilometres off the Davao Province and takes three (3) days sailing time from the Manila Port to reach.

As daily livelihood and the tourist economy of the island is badly impacted by this accident, it is critical to arrange for a temporary measure to come in and provide power in the shortest time possible.

The Denyo Solution

Denyo’s authorised dealer in the Philippines - Hastings Motor - was quickly called to provide immediate power solution to the situation

In response, Hastings Motor deployed a total of six (6) Denyo generators (model DCA-1100SPM, DCA-800SPK, DCA-600SPK) to the island. Within ten (10) days from placement confirmation, all Denyo generators were put onto the island, configured and activated.

Throughout this period, personnel from Denyo and Hastings Motor monitored closely to ensure that the power is turned on with zero failure in the shortest possible time.


Denyo generators eventually provided power to Samal non-stop for six (6) consecutive months, until the end of September 2016, before permanent power facilities were restored to the island.

Hastings Motor’s quick response and ability to deploy Denyo generators in short notice help Samal salvage its tourist season and prevent further damage to its livelihood and economy, readily earning the praise and gratitude of the island’s inhabitants.

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