OKADA Manila

The Challenge

The Okada Manila is one of the biggest hotel and casino resorts in The Philippines. It is scheduled to launch "The Fountain" - the main attraction of the resort - which will be the biggest dancing fountain show in Asia. The launch event was to be attended by local and international exclusive guests, celebrities and performers.

The problem was that the site itself was behind schedule in construction and electrical supply was very limited. Adding on to that, is the requirement that all installation equipment and cabling had to be "invisible" - in both sight and sound - to the audience, so as to not affect the event performance in any way.

The Denyo Solution

We supplied over 11 generator units - with output ranging from 150 kVA up to 800 kVA - with configuration to "silence" the noise such that the performance music of the event was not interrupted.

Besides generator equipment, we also advised and guided the on-site operators on the installation and deployment. We also shared knowledge on recovery procedures in the event of an unexpected occurrence arising.

Throughout the 3-hours event, we maintained continuous contact with the power contractor to stay on top of the overall situation.


The launch event was a success and went on smoothly without disruption nor hiccups. No power supply failure occurred during the event. The client was very impressed and satisfied with the entire experience.

Product(s) used in this project

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