Mayday Life Tour Concert (2018), Hong Kong

The Challenge

One of the most anticipated events in Hong Kong’s music calendar for the year, the Mayday (“五月天”) “Life Tour” concert was to be held at the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort in front of a sold-out audience of tens of thousands of adoring fans for three (3) straight nights (Friday to Saturday) on two (2) consecutive weekends. For an event of such scale and scope, the logistics involved is enormous, especially the power requirements, as no failure can be accepted; the consequences will be disastrous.

All the power needed for the event will be solely powered by portable generators, so the configuration and load balancing has to be perfectly set up so that there is no chance of hiccups to occur.

The Denyo Solution

A total of eleven (11) Denyo generators (model DCA-400ESEI) were supplied for the event and configured into parallel groups for increased system redundancy. With this setup, the generators powered all the equipment for use in the event - including lighting, audio, fans, projector as well as the control console.

Given the zero-failure requirement of the project, intensive and thorough testing sessions were conducted, with technical personnel from Denyo Singapore visiting the concert site to witness the setup a week prior to the first event night.


Throughout the entire duration of the concert tour, not a single breakdown incident surfaced. All eleven Denyo generators were at peak conditions and performed flawlessly with the zero failure requirement convincingly met, to the end client’s great satisfaction.

Mayday’s exhilarating show throughout the tour in Hong Kong was matched by an equally impressive performance by Denyo’s generators.

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