20th Anniversary of Hong Kong's Return to China

The Challenge

This year (2017) marks the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to China. A large-scale event - one of Hong Kong's largest celebrations in the year - was planned to commemorate and celebrate this important occasion. It was to be a live event and broadcast real-time across the whole of China and its territories, as well as Chinese-populated cities around the world.

Given the importance of the event, requirements from the client were extremely demanding and exacting. Only a complete "zero-failure" solution is acceptable.

To complicate matters, the generator breakers tripped during the pre-testing phase due to the tough installation at the event site three days before the event.

The Denyo Solution

Besides generator equipment, we also mobilised key manpower to ensure effective management and eventual success of this project. Our personnel made on-site checks and supervised the set-up of the generators.

Critically, our personnel managed to troubleshoot and discovered the root cause of the breakers tripping, confirmed through a series of tests and simulations, and promptly provided advice and guidance to the on-site operators on the preventive measures to take. We also advised the power contractor on recovery procedures in the event of an unexpected occurrence arising.

The generators were thoroughly tested and verified to be running in perfect condition during the pre-testing phase (two days before the actual event). On the actual day of the event, remote monitoring was activated to constantly monitoring the operating signals of the running generators, so that early warnings to potential problems can be raised and necessary rectification actions immediately taken. Throughout the entire period, we maintained continuous contact with the power contractor to stay on top of the overall situation.


The event went on smoothly without disruption nor hiccups. No generator was down before and during the event. With our rectification and advice, the breaker tripping problem never surfaced again during the event. All the deployed generators performed to the stringent expectations of the client.

We met the "zero-failure" requirement head on and aced it.

Product(s) used in this project

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