The Challenge

With more than 880 exhibitors spreading over a ground area of 28,000m2, Denyo was tasked to meet power demands of the exhibitors with no failure allowed. The task was made even harder where different kinds of high total harmonic distortion loads were used and powered by exhibitors during the event.

The Denyo Solution

A total of ten Denyo generators of the same series were supplied and installed at different location of the event site. As a part of the organiser’s eco-friendly efforts to reduce fuel consumption, five generators in parallel operation with load-dependent start and stop function were configured at the site. Essential information justifying the claim of low fuel consumption was collected and tabulated for the event organiser at the end of the event.

Remote control monitoring was activated and kicked in to inspect all generators’ running parameters closely from time to time. Performance of the Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) and the engine governor’s speed were also monitored closely, especially when the load demand was high with excessive number of inductive/capacitive loads connected at the site. Cross currents between five units of generators were also studied and tracked closely. Changes to settings were made real-time in order to ensure the whole power system setup becomes more stable and reliable.


Throughout the event period of 24 days, Denyo generators never failed, achieving zero failure as requested by the client. Denyo’s strong technical knowledge and close cooperation with the client made a perfect generator setup even more perfect.

The event ended on an impressive note with a sales revenue of HK $1 billion, and so was Denyo!

Product(s) used in this project

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