Technical Course Details

Level 1. Basic Concepts and Introduction to Denyo Generator

This is a basic course for technician starting out in this profession. Trainees will learn basic electrical theory, magnetism, alternating current, single/3 phases, alternator construction, how electricity is produced, output reconnection, different types of excitations, engine construction, engine systems, speed, frequency, loads – KW, KVA, KVAR and power factor.

Level 2. Denyo Generator Operation and Troubleshooting

This course is model specific and targeted at the generator operators and technicians carrying out troubleshooting. One training generator of this model will be needed for the training.

Topics covered will be specifications, construction of Denyo generators, function of components, operation and maintenance schedules, consumables requirement, reading the schematic drawing, practical hands on and troubleshooting.

Trainees attending this course should have a few years of experience working on generators and preferably has attended the Level 1 basic course.

Level 3. Denyo Generator Operation and Paralleling Operation

This course is for experienced senior technician involved with paralleling of Denyo generators. It is both a theory and practical course. Two generators of the same model connected for paralleling operation will be required. For practical reason, this course will most likely be conducted at distributors/dealers or customers’ site
Topics to be covered – why parallel, requirements for parallel operation, engine speed control, AVR, wiring requirement, KVAR sharing, active power sharing, speed droop and voltage droop, droop CT, UFRO setting, wiring diagram, practical hands on paralleling of generators and troubleshooting.

Trainees attending this course should preferably have gone through both Level 1 and Level 2 courses.

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